Health & Welbeing

Providing the technology to support and promote better quality of life.

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Assistive Technologies

Covering the areas of Energy management, Home Automation and Remote Care.

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CityVerve is creating a blueprint for smart city implementation worldwide.

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Personalised intelligence to enhance people health and welbeing.


Parternship with aerobiT

By SGW|9th March 2017

Smartgateways Ltd and Aerobit Health Ltd estabelished a service-based partnership.
The range of smart inhalers produced by Aerobit is now an integral part of the Smartgateways health platform.


Joint venture with Property Tectonics

By SGW |13th September 2016

A joint venture was estabelsihed to provide an enhanced asset management system and user software applications which exploits the advantages of sensors and devices (IoT) in homes and other living spaces to create a Cyber-physical system.


Smart City Demonstrator bid Winner

By SGW|3rd December 2015

Manchester wins £10m prize to become world leader in ‘smart city’ technology. Smartgateways is proud to be part of the winning consortium (21 partners) lead by the Manchester City Council.

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Technology Platform

Smart - interoperable, supports multiple communication protocols and devices also acting as a gateway • Distributed architecture, resources reuse.

Flexible - Fully customisable, tailored to your needs • Scalable, wide hardware platform support and clustering • Extendable, quickly add new features and services

Innovative - Quick deployment, from idea to product • Reduced TCO • FI-WARE & HYPER/CAT enabled


The Smartgateways platforms supports a wide range of communication protocols and data exchange standards.


Our platform runs on variety of off-the-shelf systems and it can be easely ported to meet the client requirements.

Secure and reliable cloud

Smartgateways platforms and data are supported by an accredited and certified to level IL3 data centre.

Real-time systems monitoring and configuration

Remote firmware upgrades on demand, including deployment of new services and functionalities. Licence based services management. Real time debugging and monitoring.

Quality Code

Source code independently audited.


We can provide a 24/7 technicall support service on request. Up-to 48 hours support as standard.


Our Services

We supply complete and integrated solutions. Our solutions integrate with existing systems and with a variety of off-the-shelf components.

Bespoke solutions

"One fits all" solutions always fall short of the user requirements. SmartGateways offers a wide range of personalised solutions for companies of all sizes, with focus on rich UI integrated applications.

Joint Development

We have a variaty of partnerships in place to cover different areas of our activity. We are open to new ones and to contirbute with our know-how and platforms to wider projects and jointventures.


We provide an efficient platform to support client requirements, allowing the rebranding of the final product.